Greece is a country of rich natural beauty and its people have a strong sense of hospitality, so a visit to the country offers a unique experience to every visitor. As a result of this, many hotel units have been built due to the increase in tourist traffic in recent years. Since 2004, the hotel infrastructure of Greece has been significantly upgraded as a large number of hotel units throughout the country have been renovated and new hotel units offering high standards of service have begun to operate. Regarding the number of hotel facilities operating in our country, in 2015 9,757 hotels operated with more than 780,000 beds. The largest number of hotel units is found on the islands and in particular in the South Aegean area, where the largest number of beds is concentrated (about 25%).

In islands or continental areas with intense vegetation, the problem of fire is likely. fire can also break out within the hotel premises for various reasons due to mechanism malfunction. This can result in, in addition to natural disasters, also material damage to the units and endanger human lives.

Our company manufactures fire extinguishing systems according to the EN12845 or BFFU standard according to the design, predicts and prevents the occurrence of fires in a hotel unit, which can turn out to be fatal.

Another important problem observed in the hotel units of Greece of any region is the hardness of the water, which causes scale problems and clogging of pipes, wear and tear of machines that come into contact with water, poor texture in fabrics and clothes along with problems for people. skin while showering. Our company provides the solution to the problem by providing fully automated water softening systems that protect water from salt, saving money on service and equipment changes and reducing damages.

We also manufacture tailor-made reverse osmosis systems that turn even the hardest water into excellent quality drinking water, while additional pre-treatment such as acidification or dechlorination may be required prior to reverse osmosis.

Also in island areas there is a severe lack of water from the network and a high cost per cubic meter, with the result that large hotel units take advantage of seawater after specialized treatment, which is achieved with desalination systems adapted to the requirements of each unit.

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